Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~ Beli Voucher @ Milkadeal -- Print 4 Kpg 12R only for RM19

Baru je lps beli voucher ni ngan bebudak opis ni...
Sebabnya kedai dia seberang jln je dr opis...So, nnt gi self-pickup sajer...dah jimat lagi RM10..berbaloi-baloi....
Saper nak check details info leh click sini

What You'll Get

4 pcs of 12" x 16" Poster Prints (12R)
10 themes to choose from OR print without any theme
Excludes delivery. All shipping fees payable directly to wedoo
OR Self Pickup


Printed brightly on gloss paper
Brilliant, colourful images that look crisp & smooth
Ideal for portraits, family photo, children, favourite pet, the perfect moment or simply the best shot of nature



Redemption Period: 22 January 2012 - 22 February 2012
Unlimited Purchase & Redemption per person
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday (9am - 5pm). Closed on Saturday & Sunday
All shipping fees payable directly to wedoo
Shipping Fees: Flat rate of RM10 per delivery / voucher nationwide
Estimated Delivery Arrival: 7 working days
For enquiries, please call: +603 6142 8808

Cepat2...lagi 30jam nak expired dah offer ni...

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