Friday, January 8, 2010

~Hospital Again & New House

Yesterday turn Aqil lak buat E&T test..Tapi kena cancel because he is having flu...The result might be inaccurate if still proceed with the, we got new appointment which will be on 26th Jan..together with pediatrician  monthly visit...However, next Monday (11th Jan), we have another visit to hospital with Aqil again..This time Aqil will go for kidney test..this test to review his kidney condition since he had urine infection when he was 1-2mths old. Will blog detail on it later..
Since mak ada kat umah taking care of Adam and Aqif, so blk tu singgah GIANT KINRARA jap to buy some groceries and spend on RM100 voucher given by my parents for my birthday..apa yg dibeli?? Next entry lah coz mls nak gi ambik cable nak transfer gambar...Let's picture do the talking...hehehe..Oh..this is 1st time Aqil gi Giant..sian Aqif tak gi lagi..but, both of them dah pegi ALAMANDA and IKEA ya...hehehe
Petang tu pulak gi ronda2 nak tgk umah..konon2 nak gi bilang berapa lampu & kipas yg perlu dibeli...Sekali pergi umah dah kena kunci...All this while, tak kunci pun...Oh..tuan umah..cepatlah kasi kunci umah..Dah tak sabar nak gi shopping ni...almaklumlah..duit EPF dah clear...hehehe

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