Sunday, January 3, 2010

~Goodbye 2009...Welcome 2010

Dah msk hari ke3 thn baru, baru ada mood nak tulis something about it..Dari hari tu lagi macam2 dah ada dlm kepala, tapi bila mengadap skrin je..semua hilang...
I would like to start this year by looking back at 2009...2009 thn yg plg mencabar to us..husband & wife...Dalam kepahitan tu terselit jua kemanisan yang tiada tandingannya..
My big wishes in 2009 were adding a new member to the family and having our own micasa....Alhamdulillah, we're blessed with not only one, but 2 new members. 10th August 2009 we welcomed the most precious gifts..Aqil & Aqif....The process of purchasing our micasa went throughout the year...At last we are heading towards the final stage..InsyaAllah we will move to our very own house by March 2010.

Despite of all the wonderful things...we've lost 2 family members. Our beloved grandfather (husband's side) left us, followed by my sister in law in August 2009.
Really hope 2010 will keep us smiling all the year.........

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