Thursday, April 11, 2013

~ Tips for Spring Cleaning....

Most of working women find it's hard to juggling between works, house chores and family..
Here are some tips that might be useful for all of us... :)
  • Tackle One Area Per-timeWork from phase to phase, room to room; one at a time according to the schedule to avoid creating havoc and mess at home. Keep the other rooms vacant to store the movable items while you do the cleaning.
  • De-clutter Before CleaningBefore you start dusting the room, get a garbage bag to get rid all the unwanted stuff. You will be annoyed to find out that you have tons of knick-knacks yet to clear but you are all ready to dust the room. 
  • Clean from Top to BottomStart the cleaning work from the ceiling fan or light fixture then get all the cobwebs off the crown molding follows by the wall, over the furniture, and all the way to the flooring. 
  • Design a Daily Cleaning ScheduleOrganise a daily cleaning schedule, set small daily tasks will help keep your house in order until next year, or until you decide to deep clean your house again.
Sejuk mata memandang...cantikla kaler ni....

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