Thursday, May 6, 2010

~In Busy Mode

Fuh..lama giler tak update..bukan takde idea or takde xtvt yg best nak share tapi terlalu byk benda nak update but time is very pun curi masa sikit kat opis ni..tgk dah kul 6 pun still kat opis..

Some quick updates:
- start kerja baru 14hb May..trs msk project yg dah nak dateline..on 4th day of working day..trs kena buat UAT...sambil buat UAT sambil fahamkan sistem...handle client..huh..whole MAY is UAT
-24th lepas dah pun selamat masuk umah baru..smpi skang baru 20% yg dah kemas..nak ajak org dtg umah pun segan
- eveyday kuar umah kul 7-7.30 am..smpi umah kul 8-8.8.30pm..sian anak-anakku
- finally, terpaksa mix FM to my babies...nnt will update on this....
- still no internet at home

overall sgt bz with work and new house..tapi on other side..I'M HAPPY...

oh..alang2 dah ada masa..i want to wish all mommies out there.."HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY"

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