Thursday, May 21, 2009

~Happy Birthday My Son

Two years old! Your toddler is well on his way to becoming his own person. Over 6 months from now he will most likely master toilet learning, which both in your eyes and his will make him seem even more mature and independent. His every-increasing physical and intellectual skills allow him greater autonomy over feeding and most other areas of self-care. As his abilities come better in sync with his desires, he will be less rebellious. As he develops a better understanding of who he is (self-concept), he will definitely feel less inclined to fight authority on most fronts.


mama tisya said...

dh 2thn adam..tklama lg dh nk jd abglong...

happy belated busday adam..smoga jd ank yg soleh

**vote utk tisya utk toddler super model contest..cara2 nk vote jom tgk kt blog mamatisya...tq

shuhaina said...

tima kasih erin..
tisya pun dah nak 2thn kan..
moga2 tisya pun bakal jadi kak long pulak..